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Sparkling Wine & Champagne


La Marca, Prosecco

Moscato D’Asti

Moet & Chandon

White Wine


Firestone Riesling Folonari Pinot Grigio

White Zinfandel

Frontera, Sauvignon Blanc

Red Wine

Dell’ Emilia, Lambrusco

Pinot Evil, Pinot Noir

Hahn, Pinot Noir

100o Stories Zinfandel

Frontera Malbec

Decoy by Duckhorn, Zinfandel

Frontera, Malbec

The Black, Shiraz

Chateau La Rose - Trintaudon Haut-Medoc

    (Bordeaux – Left Bank Red)

Dona Sol, Merlot

Decoy by Duckhorn, Merlot

Craft Beer


Dechutes Fresh Squeezed IPA

Dechutes Butte Porter

Blue Moon

Sam Adams Boston Lager

Fat Tire


Great Lakes’ Eliot Ness

Domestic Beer


Bud Light


Michelob Ultra

Miller Light

Coors Light

Import Beer

Stella Artois


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